Chris – Perfect

That is perfect. Thank you very much for your prompt assistance! ~Chris 10/14

Stefan – Great Customer Service

I would like to thank everyone involved in their great customer service. ~Stefan 12/12 Quebec Canada

Paul – Excellent Customer Service

I appreciate your immediate attention and excellent service. ~ Paul 2/09

Pete – Prompt Response

Thanks for your prompt response(s). ~ Pete – UK 12/07

Gert – Thanks For Your Help

Once again, thank you for your help and service. ~ Gert 11/07 Denmark

Yaniv – Very Good Service and Support

Thanks for your very good service and support. ~ Yaniv – Israel 4/06

JJ – You Have The Best Product

How did you find out about us? Google search on I2C. I got a lot of matches, and somewhere I found your company. It was certainly not on the first page and I regret this, because you have the best product I found on the www. ~ JJ – Belgium…

Paul – Program Running in a Half an Hour

Just want to let you know that the LPTtoI2Cpro.DLL works flawlessly with VB6. Got my program running within half an hour! ~ Paul 1/29/05

Kerry – Prompt and Professional Service

Thanks for your prompt and professional service. I hope we can do business again!  ~ Kerry 7/14/04

Royi – Very Pleased

We are very pleased with the your product and with the service level we get from you. ~ Royi 6/21/04

Oren – Thanks for Quick Support

I just want to thank you very much for your good and quick support, It was a great pleasure working with you. ~ Oren 5/16/04

Phil – I2C Tool Adapter

We purchased an I2C Tool adapter for a PC to help us develop code and protocol for a brand new complex chip from one of the major manufacturers. The support personnel at I2Ctools were helpful enough to look up the preliminary specifications of the chip and make a recommendation. 5/1/04